• Organic Titanates

  • Inorganic Titanates

  • Other Chemicals

We, Synthochem, are the pioneer manufacturers of Organic Titanium compounds in India, manufacturing and servicing chemical and allied industries in India and abroad, for more than 35 years.

Starting initially with Tetrabutyl Titanate, Synthochem now produces a wide range of organic and inorganic titanates, which include basic titanates, chelated titanium compounds, polymeric organic titanates and other substituted titanates.

Our regularly manufactured products are classified in three broad categories, viz.

  • Organic Titanium Compounds
    • Basic Titanates
    • Chelated Titanates
    • Polymeric Titanates
  • Inorganic Titanium Compounds : Titanium Oxy Chloride
  • Other Chemicals : Ammonium Chloride (99% min.)